Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

I still can't believe that we have had 3 snow/ice days in a row! Snow days as a teacher, are just as exciting as they are as a student! Some teachers complain about them, because it just means that we have to make up the days later in the school year, when the weather is nice and pretty. But, I would much rather take the unexpected day off to enjoy my nice WARM house, rather than have to get out in the freezing cold weather to drive on icy roads to get to school.

Needless to say, I've really enjoyed my 3 days off. Day 1 consisted of watching tv and hanging out with Mal. Day 2 was a chick flick movie marathon with Mal and working on invitations. Day 3 consisted of watching more cheezy movies and spending A LOT of time on invitations. I have now completed 76 invitations.... I haven't stuffed all of the invitations, but the pieces are complete. I can't believe how much I've gotten accomplished over the past two days! I told Mal today that I hope that my wedding guests can tell how much time and love I put into these invitations. I've really enjoyed making them, but they are definitely time consuming.

Unfortunately, it's back to reality tomorrow. Well, semi-reality really. It's a staff development day, so I'll spend the morning at my school, hearing from a guest speaker (which I'm looking forward to) and then the afternoon is math training with other math teachers across the district (which is always nice since our math coordinator is awesome). So, overall, tomorrow should be a good day. Of course, I'll miss being in my pj's with Mal, but I guess I can handle it for one day. ;)

**Side note: Just last week, two of my girls asked why I still had a sign up that said "Let it Snow" in the classroom. I told them that winter wasn't over (even though it was 70 degrees outside) and that it could still snow. I can't wait to see them next week and tell them that this week is exactly why I still had the sign up. lol