Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Sorry I've been MIA from the blogging world lately. The past few weeks have been spent preparing for the big move home. Mal and I both moved home this past weekend. Mal is coming home to attend Texas A&M Commerce in the spring. I'm moving home because my lease was up, and I decided to save a ton of money before Joe and I tie the knot.

Mal and I also got the brilliant idea to have a garage sale this week. We have set the garage sale for tomorrow morning, so we have been SUPER busy the last few days sorting through all of our items. We have some great stuff, so I really hope the turn out is good tomorrow. We're calling this Round 1, and we'll have a Round 2 if need be. And then, Round 3 will be donating everything that's left. We don't really care how much money we make at this point. We just want to get rid of it and free up space in our closets. It has definitely been a bonding experience so far, so I'm sure Mal and I will have a lot of fun tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm enjoying my time off from work, and really looking forward to the holidays. My only complaint lately is that I can't believe the weather has been so hot the past few days... People are telling me that Christmas will be cooler, but I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe this year, I should ask Santa for a cold front! It is nice to be home during the holidays though, because mom has so many great decorations!

**Ok, the cutest thing just happened, and I absolutely must add it to this blog. Two little kids just came to our door selling mistletoe. It was bagged up in cute bags and they were carrying it in baskets. I asked them what they were going to do with the money. The little girl said "Spend it!" and the little boy said "We're gonna spend it on kids that don't have much for Christmas". How could you resist that?!?! I love it when parents show their kids how to share during the holidays and think about others above yourself. LOVE little Christmas blessings like that!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toaster, Blender, and Dishes. OH MY!

Joe and I decided to use our free Saturday with no plans to register for wedding gifts. We had a blast! We started at Bed, Bath & Beyond and ended up finding most of the things we wanted there. We went ahead and registered for a few more things at Target so that our families and friends will have options. And, how could I not take an opportunity to go to Target. Everyone that knows me, knows that Target is my favorite place in the world!

I'm sure that some people feel really stressed out when they're registering, but Joe and I had such a good time. The lady that was helping us at BB&B kept making comments about how we were making things WAY to easy. We definitely took that as a compliment. We just enjoy spending time together, even if we're registering, which can be quite a laborious process. And, Joe was such a trooper! I also love that he was very straight forward with me about what he liked and what he didn't. I don't want someone who just says, "Whatever you want honey... It doesn't matter." I'm glad he had his own opinions and we were able to find things that we both loved. Here are some pics of my favorite items:

It was fun coming home after registering and looking through everything online and imagining it in our home. I can't wait for that day! Just 7 more months... Until then, we're enjoying the engagement period and all that comes with it.